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Care and Maintenance

Safety Tips

  • Always lower the chair before helping your customer to and from the chair.
  • Customers should never use the footrest as a step as this may cause the chair to become unstable.
  • Wiping down your salon chairs after customer is done using it. This is not only common courtesy, but good hygiene too.
  • Periodically, Screws on styling and barber chairs need to be tightened to avoid damage to the base. 
  • Alway turn off the faucet on the shampoo unit to avoid sprayer leaks.

Fabrics / Vinyl

For light cleaning use a damp cloth with a mild cleaner. For Heavy cleaning use a non-commercial vinyl cleaner. It works best.

How fill styling Chair or barber chair with Hydraulic Fluid

Tools Needed: 

  • Step 1: Start with the salon chair in its Highest position possible. If the salon chair is not in its highest position, raise it by pressing down on the foot pump lifting chair in top positions or until it cannot go any further. 
    - do not forget to lock the pump by pull up on the pump handle
  • Step 2: Remove the cap screw from pump cap and lift cap from pump. (You may want to secure the cap to the bottom of chair with packing / duct tape)
  • Step 3: Remove the fill nut. The fill nut, which is located on top of pump, can typically be removed with a metric Hex key wrench. If you cannot locate your fill nut, you will need to contact Zurich Beauty
  • Step 4: Fill the salon chair with hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid can be purchased at a local auto supply store like Auto Zone. The hydraulic fluid can be added using a funnel. If you are low on fluid just add 1 oz at a time. 
  • Step 5: Replace the salon chair fill nut. Tighten the nut until it is snug with your wrench.
  • Step 6: Test. Lower chairs and pump the foot pump repeatedly until excess air is released. Repeat step 3 if is the chair is not rising. 
  • Step 7: Lift and lower the chair using the hydraulic pump. You can do this by pumping the foot pump repeatedly and then lowering by pressing down on the foot pump while applying downward pressure to the salon chair. This step is necessary to remove any excess air from the salon chair hydraulic system.