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Custom Fabric Colors

Salon and Barber Chair Custom Fabric Colors

We recommend calling us for free fabric swatches before purchase.

Interested in a product you don't see on our website? Customization is what we do best. We know that cookie cutter salon equipment & furniture is not for everybody. That is why we will work with you to customize not only your own furniture, but your own package as well.

We never charge extra for wanting to customize your salon.

Feel free to call us at 1.888.749.8742 or 1.773.334.7743 to get fabric swatches in the mail.

Special order colors are non-refundable,

Allow 8 to 12 Weeks for production and Shipping

*Note: Standard Colors: 38 Black - 64 Brown - 54 Off White - 63 Bleach White

**Note: Some colors may vary. All computer screens reproduce color differently. Please take this into consideration when considering color options.

Royal Blue
No. 37 Royal Blue
No. 38 Black
Lime Green
No. 52 Lime Green
No. 53 Red
Off White
No. 54 Off White
Midnight Black
No. 55 Midnight Black
Chocolate Brown
No. 56 Chocolate Brown
No. 57 Silver
Marron Brown
No. 60 Marron Brown
Bleach White
No. 63 Bleach White
No. 64 Brown
Gray Dust
No. 65 Gray Dust
Red Storm
No. 67 Red Storm
Smoky Black
No. 68 Smoky Black
Americian Rose Red
No. 69 Americian Rose Red
No. 70 Orange
Croc Black
No. 71 Croc Black
Croc Red
No. 73 Croc Red
Snake Brown
No. 74 Snake Brown
No. 75 Tan
Croc Tan
No. 76 Croc Tan
Satin Black
No. 77 Satin Black
Croc Ivory
No. 78 Croc Ivory
Textured Brown
No. 80 Textured Brown
Satin Brown
No. 81 Satin Brown
Satin Chestnut
No. 82 Satin Chestnut
Texture Gold
No. 83 Texture Gold
Satin Black
No. 85 Satin Black
Ivory Damask
No. 86 Ivory Damask
Brown Damask
No. 89 Brown Damask

Customize your salon Now.

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